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Speak Now 3 Unit 6 Lesson 22 – 24 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 6 Lesson 22 – 24 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 6 VIDEO Scripts

Interviewer: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Tom:      Oh, it was no wait at all.
Interviewer: It looks like you received excellent grades at university. You have the computer skills we need.
Tom:      Great.
Interviewer: But then, there are many students with excellent grades and computer skills. What makes you different?
Tom:      Uh. Well. Uh. People say that I’m a, um… confident. A hard worker.
Interviewer: People say… or you know?
Tom:      I know. I’m confident, a hard worker, and I’m reliable and trustworthy.
Interviewer: How are you reliable and trustworthy?
Tom:      When I’m given a task or a responsibility, I make sure I do my best. I don’t let other people down.
Interviewer: OK. What is your greatest weakness?
Tom:      Some people say… No… I know my greatest weakness is that I’m sometimes too focused.
Interviewer: That’s not always a bad thing is it?
Tom:      No.
Interviewer: Why do you want to work in advertising?
Tom:      It’s creative, and interesting, and I know I can do a great job.
Interviewer: OK. Let’s see how great you are. I want to use this picture in an ad. What do you think it’s for?
Tom:      The environment?
Interviewer: Come on. You said creative.
Tom:      Hm… I would use this image for… a paper company that uses recyclable paper. I would use the words, “We save trees.”
Interviewer: That’s a cool idea. It’s definitely more creative than your first answer.  What do you think is needed for an ad to be successful?
Tom:I think a good ad needs to original.
Interviewer: OK. Fewer and fewer people are buying books from bookstores nowadays. What is the reason?
Tom:      The main reasons are that online access is more convenient and that people have less time in their schedules.
Interviewer: Everyone knows those reasons. What else?
Tom:      Online stores have better ads?
Interviewer: Online stores have ads everywhere. That is the difference. OK, this went well. Nice job. We’ll let you know in a few days. Thanks, Tom.
Tom:      Thank you!