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Speak Now 3 Unit 4 Lesson 13 – 16 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 4 Lesson 13 – 16 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 4 VIDEO Scripts

Tom:      Whoo. It feels good to be back home.
Eric:       Definitely.
Eric:       Tom? Did you close the window before we left?
Tom:      Of course I did.
Eric:       But the window is open.
Eric:       Things are all over the floor.
Tom:      Strange! Maybe it was the wind.
Eric:       I think we’ve been robbed. I’m missing something.
Tom:      Oh no! Let me go check my room.
Tom:      Everything is in my room. And the TV is here. What are you missing?
Eric:       I don’t understand. Why would anyone take Brownie?
Tom:      Eric, I’m sorry, but what is Brownie? Was it really valuable?
Eric:       My grandmother gave it to me when I was a kid. It must be worth a lot of money right now! It’s an antique!
Tom:      I read an interesting story online about a person sold an old object from the eighteen-hundreds, thinking it wasn’t worth anything – turned out to be an antique worth over million dollars.
Eric:       Wow. Tom. Thanks.
Tom:      I’m sorry, probably not the best time to be telling you that.
Eric:       We should call the police.
Tom:      Um…
Eric:       Can you do it? I’m very upset right now.
Eric:       Please?! Please?
Tom:      OK.
Tom:      Hi, is this the local police station?
Eric:       Tell them we’ve been robbed and I’m very upset.
Tom:      Eric, my roommate, believes we’ve been robbed.
Eric:       Tell them I’m very upset.
Tom:      He says he’s really upset. Mm hm. No, the TV is here. Actually everything is here.
Eric:       Except my antique. My grandmother gave it to me in 1996!
Tom:      Right. He’s telling me he’s missing an antique from 1996. Mm hm. Hold on. What does it look like?
Eric:       It’s round. It’s very small. It’s brown.
Tom:      What is it exactly?
Eric:       I have a picture of it. Here.
Tom:      It’s uh… it’s a teddy bear. Right. OK, thank you officer.
Eric:       What did they say?
Tom:      That a teddy bear from 1996 is not an antique.
Eric:       Well, this is just awful! What could’ve happened?
Tom:      Eric? Is this Brownie?
Eric:       Yes!
Tom:      It was underneath the sofa!
Eric:       How did it get there? …Tom? Tom?