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Speak Now 2 Unit 2 Lesson 5 – 8 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 2 Lesson 5 – 8 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 2 VIDEO Scripts

Tom: What time are Casey, Jill and Maria coming over for dinner?
Eric: 7:00. We have plenty of time. What should we make?
Tom: Pasta!
Eric: Tom, I love your pasta, but —
Tom: I love it too. I could have it every single day.
Eric: Exactly my point. We do have it every day. We should try something different. Let me see… Have you tried Indian food?
Tom: No, I haven’t.
Eric: What about Japanese food?
Tom: Nope.
Eric: What have you tried?
Tom: Pasta.
Eric: OK. Nevermind…
Eric: Casey likes fish. So do Jill and Maria. Let’s make a simple fish dish.
Tom: OK.
Eric: Fry the vegetables in a pan.
Eric: Don’t forget to add salt… and pepper… and olive oil.
Eric: Don’t pour too much olive oil, just a little.
Eric: I have to get the phone.
Tom: Go ahead. Don’t worry.
Eric: Thanks, Tom.
Tom: Oh no! The fish!
Eric: What’s wrong?
Tom: I’m sorry.
Eric: We still have time. It’s not a big deal. We can just order in.
Tom: I know a great place we can order from! The food is pretty good, it’s fairly cheap and attracts a lot of customers.
Eric: OK. Sounds good.
Server: Hello?
Tom: Hello, can I place a delivery order?
Server: Sure! What would you like?
Tom: I would like your… hm…
Server: Tom?
Tom: Yes. Roberto?
Server: Yes! How are you?
Tom: Great!
Server: What can I get you? Is it the usual?
Tom: Yes, but for five people.
Server: Sure thing. Five of our special house pastas.
Tom: Sounds delicious! And can you put extra tomato sauce and cheese in one of them?
Server: Anything for you, Tom!
Tom: Thank you.
Server: Have a good night!
Tom: What?
Eric: Pasta?
Tom: You said something different. And it’s not my pasta, so it’s different… Right?