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Speak Now 1 Unit 7 Lesson 25 – 28 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 7 Lesson 25 – 28 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 7 VIDEO Scripts

Eric: What time are Maria and Jill coming over?
Tom: I told them to come by around 7:00.
Eric: It’s almost 7:00. Do you want me to help cook?
Tom: No, it’s OK. You know I love to cook.
Eric: OK. What are you planning to make?
Tom: I’m not sure.
Eric: Not pasta, right? We had pasta every day for the past few weeks.
Tom: OK, no pasta.
Eric: What about curry and rice?
Tom: What are the ingredients?
Eric: Hm. Potatoes, onions, carrots, coconut milk, and rice. Oh, and lots of spices. It’s spicy, but it’s delicious.
Tom: OK, let’s see what we have.
Eric: What do we need to buy?
Tom: We need some onions…
Eric: Do we need to get any potatoes?
Tom: No, we have some potatoes. But we need carrots, coconut milk, rice, and lots of spices.
Eric: We don’t have time to go to the supermarket.
Tom: We can make something with what we have.
Eric: That must be them. Come in!
Jill: Hi Eric! Hi Tom!
Eric/Tom: Hello. Hi!
Maria: Thank you so much for inviting us to dinner!
Tom: No problem.
Maria: What are you guys cooking for dinner?
Tom: We’re not sure. Do you guys eat many vegetables?
Jill: Yes, I eat vegetables every day.
Maria: Actually, I never eat vegetables. I don’t like them.
Tom: Hm. OK. What about chicken?
Maria: I usually eat chicken.
Jill: I try not to eat a lot of meat.
Tom: What about potatoes?
Jill/Maria: We both don’t eat potatoes.
Tom: Hm… OK, I think I know what to make. We have everything we need and I know everyone’s going to like it.
Jill: What is it?
Tom: I can’t tell you. It’s a surprise.
Maria: What’s it taste like?
Tom: Not too salty and not too sweet. It’s delicious.
Eric: What’s in it?
Tom: Tomatoes, cheese, noodles…
Eric/Jill/Maria: Pasta!
Tom: That’s right! How did you guys know?
Eric: Pasta.