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Speak Now 1 Unit 5 Lesson 17 – 21 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 5 Lesson 17 – 21 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 5 VIDEO Scripts

Tom: So, how do you and Jill like your apartment?
Maria: Oh, it’s great. It’s a little small, but it’s really convenient and quiet.
Tom: Yeah, this is a good location. Eric and I like living here.
Maria: By the way, where do you buy your groceries?
Tom: We usually go to Larson’s. It’s on the corner of Pine Street and First Avenue.
Maria: It’s near the subway, right?
Tom: Yep.
Maria: Jill and I usually go to Market Fair.
Tom: Is it by the park?
Maria: Right. It’s not far at all. We walk there.
Tom: Maybe I’ll go there next time. So do you have everything you need for your apartment now?
Maria: I’m sleeping on the sofa at the moment. Do you know where I could get a bed? Also, I want to get some chairs and a bookcase.
Tom: Do you need a desk? I have one I’m not using.
Maria: No, I have a desk, but thank you.
Tom: You know, why don’t you check out the Superstore? They have everything you need, and their stuff is really cheap.
Maria: The Superstore! I think I saw an ad for them on TV. Is it near?
Tom: It’s on Mason Street. You know, just after the movie theater. It’s across from Pace Supermarket.
Maria: Do they have parking?
Tom: The parking lot is around the corner on West Avenue. Go past the store, take a right, and you come to the parking lot.
Maria: Great. I’ll stop by today. Say, want to come with me?
Tom: I do need a new lamp, but I can’t go today. I have to study.
Maria: I’ll pick it up for you.
Tom: Are you sure?
Maria: Why not? What kind of lamp do you want?
Tom: I just need a lamp that works. My bedroom is too dark.
Maria: OK, I think I know just what you need to brighten your room.

Tom: Come in!
Maria: I found the perfect lamp for your room! Isn’t it bright?
Tom: It definitely is. Thanks, Maria.