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Speak Now 1 Unit 3 Lesson 9 – 12 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 3 Lesson 9 – 12 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 3 VIDEO Scripts

Tom: What time does your birthday party start tonight?
Jill: At 7:00. Maria is cleaning our apartment now.
Tom: No work for you on your birthday, huh?
Jill: That’s right! That’s a nice shirt!
Tom: Thanks! You look nice. Is that jacket new?
Jill: Yes, I got it for tonight. Is it OK?
Tom: It’s cool. I like it a lot.
Jill: Eric is here.
Eric: Hi guys. Sorry I’m late. I wanted to get something new for your party tonight. What do you think?
Jill: It’s an interesting shirt.
Eric: So, we’re going to get to meet your family.
Jill: Yes. They’re arriving later this afternoon.
Eric: That’s nice. But I’m always a little shy around new people.
Tom: Not me! Tell us about them!
Jill: Well, my father is quiet. And shy. Dad doesn’t say much at first.
Tom: And your mother?
Jill: Mom is easy going and creative, like me.
Tom: Do you have any siblings?
Jill: Yes, I have two brothers. As you can see, they love to play video games. Their names are Brent and David.
Tom: What is Brent wearing?
Jill: Brent is wearing the blue T-shirt. And David is wearing the gray sweater.
Jill: Brent will be there, but David doesn’t live around here. He lives in Chicago. You can meet him another time.
Eric: How old are they?
Jill: Brent is 23 years old and David is 22. You’ll also meet my grandmother.
Eric: What’s she like?
Jill: Grandma is great. She’s 75 but she doesn’t act or dress her age. Her style is very… different. But we love her!